About Us

MyIndigoCard cards are the best way to Making Online Purchases of any items from any Store. MyIndigoCard is available to Residents of the United States over the Age of 18. Indigo Credit Cards is one of the best Credit Card which can help you build and rebuild low credit as long as You make the Payment.

Individuals who are using the MyIndigoCard Platinum MasterCard do not receive any bonuses if they are not Activating their Cards Online. MyIndigoCard can be used to allow its Safe, Secure, and User-Friendly Indigo Platinum MasterCard official homepage at www.myindigocard.com. After Activating Indigocard Online, users can receive a 2% discount on restaurants and Gas Station Bills of up to $ 1,000.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is a useful way for People who don’t have a Good Credit Score and are rejected by many other brands. MyIndigoCard Credit Card holders who don’t have insufficient funds are not eligible to get a Good Credit Score or get approved by considering their Credit Details.


The Indigo Credit Card is exclusively available with great offers for its Customers on some of the specialized items. If the Customers have Damage Credit Score then they are able to start Fresh. with Myindigocard customers are able to get some unique benefits from their Credit Cards. all these Benefits include lower fees, International Transactions, a $300 line of Credit, and Many More.

Myindigocard Credit Card’s annual cost is around $75 and this amount is only for the first year and from the following years, You will have to Pay $99. MyIndigoCard has been around for a Long time and People with slightly Low Credit Scores use these Credit Cards. There is only a 1% of Foreign Transaction Fee on these Cards.

If You are a Myindigocard holder then You can MyIndigoCard it Online at Myindigocard.com. You can also Check Your Transactions, View Your Account History, and Check offers and Discounts online. The Users can easily enroll their E-Statements at their online Portal. The Users can get Notifications of the latest Updates and also Make Safe Payments.

Besides these, there are other Advantages of using Myindigocard. The Indigo Mobile Application provides many Features like loyalty Rewards, Membership, and complete detailed information about Products. the Mobile App and Online Website both offers great personalized Customer Support for all Customers. After Accessing and Login into Myindigocard Online Portal, Customers can get access to all kinds of Functions and Features.

The Indigo Credit Card is the Product of Genesis FS Card Services and is issued by Celtic Bank, Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, and FDIC Member. These Cards provide extended warranty coverage, Travel, and emergency Assistance, and roadside Assistance to Customers without any additional fees. These Cards can be used for Purchases and cash advances where You See the VISA or MasterCard Logo. In Fact, these Cards can be used in over 33 Million Locations in 210 Countries.